Personalised Gifts

Opting for a personalised or bespoke gift from Only Fools and Flutterbyes is a totally unique experience for both the giver and receiver of the gift.

The GIVER (that's you) will feel like they've just won the 'unique gift' lottery. Our bespoke gifts are something different and truly personalised - meaning extra brownie points for you (we guarantee) and leaving you with an ever so slightly smug feeling for the rest of the year.

The RECEIVER (that's your awesome friend or family member) will feel super special, fully appreciated, and truly valued after receiving such a thoughtful and meaningful gift from one of their absolute favourite people. They will talk about it often and show it off to their families. There may even be tears of happiness - this is a side effect we hear about often from our customers and one we take as the highest compliment.

In choosing bespoke, you are choosing a gift you've taken time over, showing you have considered the uniqueness of that person, their individual qualities and talents. A gift that will forever remind them of the relationship they have with you, and one that tells them how priceless that is to you. No other gift can say it better. You will be literally, hitting the spot.


Which 'Only Fools' products can be made bespoke?

For women, our charm-pins

For men, our keyring bottle-openers


How are they bespoke / personalised?

You get to choose your own charms, that's 2 for the bottle-opener option and up to 5 for a charm-pin.

We also include a small Swarovski crystal drop on the charm pins as a 6th charm, to add the tiniest bit of sparkle - but of course, let us know if you would prefer not to have this included

Then, we create a totally personalised rhyming message relating to the charms you have selected. We ask you questions about what you'd like and consult you every step of the way until you are happy with the final wording. This is all done via brief email conversations with you including questions about what you would like the gift to represent or say to them. If you aren't sure which charms to choose, we can help. We do all the hard work - you just give us the details you would definitely like included. Et voila! A beautiful collaboration, with stunning results.  


How much does a bespoke gift cost?

Bespoke Charm Pin £34.99,

Bespoke Keyring Bottle-opener £24.99

All costs include your choice of charms, your personalised message, our time and communications with you to create your bespoke gift, presentation box, and first class signed-for delivery.

What charms can I choose from?



Bee, Elephant, Panda, Owl, Hen/Chicken, Fish, Butterfly, Dog, Paw Print, Sheep, Swan

Starfish, Bucket & Spade, Anchor, Footprint

Camera, Globe, Umbrella, Watering Can, Clothes Peg, Buttons

Signpost (with 3 directions that read ‘Money, Success, and Happiness’)

Wine Bottle, Bottle Opener, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Takeaway Coffee Cup

Tea Bag, Cupcake, Keys, Front Door

Hammer, Wrench, Broom

Padlock, Dice, Puzzle piece

Hand Mirror, Tie, Dress, Flip Flop, Hair Slide / Comb, Perfume Bottle

First Aid / Nurse’s Bag, Stethescope

Feather, Rose, Flower, Tree, Lotus Flower, Leaf, Palm Tree, Star, Sun, Snowflake,

Four Leaf Clover, Wishbone, Heart

Guardian Angel Wings, Single Angel Wing, Fairy Angel, Cute Angel

Fairy, Dragon, Unicorn, Castle, Sword, Arrow

Book ('A True Story')

Carousel / Merry-Go-Round

ABC Building Blocks, Baby's Dummy, Rocking Horse, Teddy Bear

Tutu & Ballet Shoes, Pointe Shoe

Golf Club, Tennis Racket, Basket-Ball, Snooker Triangle, Snooker Cue, Rugby Ball, Helicopter

Ice Skate

Music note, Guitar, Piano

Cassette/MixTape, Headphones